Fun, functional, and unique uses for Gane products

The creativity of people in the industries we supply never
cease to amaze us. From our packaging customers to luxury box manufacturers,
event planners, and too many other industries to mention in this blog…We have
seen the evolution of the basic vinyl binder where volume superseded a healthy
profit, to today, where functionality and design meet head on to create an
amazing wow factor. And we, at Gane have been witness to new and exciting uses
for our products. At the recent Special Event Show in Anaheim, California,
designers and event planners flocked to our booth to see our patent vinyl dance
floors. A few of the designers proudly displayed their stunning dance and event
floor photos to us at the booth, and they were spectacular!

We also recently heard from a You Tube Channel creative
consultant who wanted us to know a scrapbook, designer expert had developed
quite a following on You Tube, and was enthusiastically promoting our Yes!
Paste product for crafting. Her name is Shannon Green, and she has over 15,000
followers, who watch her religiously as she creates amazing artistic pieces
using scraps of anything she can find. You can find her at

to the many people who have found fun, functional, and unique ways to use
products supplied by Gane Brothers/Apex.