Advantages of Mechanical Binding

Mechanical Binding

What are the advantages of Mechanical Binding?  


When your books need to have true lay-flat capabilities and a
clean, modern appearance, mechanical binding is the style of choice.  All
four mechanical binding styles can accommodate fold-outs, tabs and inserts, and
are available in many colors.  Several cover options, including
semi-concealed, fully-concealed, and cased-in, offer even greater design

 What is Wire-O Binding?

The flexibility and versatility of Wire-O binding makes it an ideal
solution for a wide range of projects.  Wire-O binding is also sometimes
referred to as Double Loop binding.  Wire-O bound books will lay perfectly
flat and fold 360 degrees for single-hand use.  At Eckhart & Company,
Wire-O products can be produced on our two fully-automatic Bielomatik
machines, which allow us to provide you with optimum production quality and
rapid turnaround times.


Additionally, Cased-in Wire-O is a great look that creates
a hard cover to provide protection to the binding elements. 
Fully-concealed Wire-O covers wrap around the book, using a series of scores to
form the spine and inside back cover.  When closed, the wire elements are
hidden from view.  Semi-concealed Wire-O covers partially obscure the
binding, only making it visible through the back cover.  All of these
options retain layflat capability of Wire-O binding and allow you to print onto
the spine.


 What is Spiral Wire


This economical binding solution is commonly used for projects
such as calendars and notebooks. Spiral Wire allows books to lay flat, but
with a "step up" it will hinder the appearance of crossover
images.  At Eckhart & Company, we can automatically produce up to a
2" spiral coil.

What is Plastic Comb Binding? 


This binding style uses a thick comb to bind the book. 
Plastic comb does not step up when opened, making it ideal for projects
with crossover images.  In addition, plastic combs can be printed to
allow titles to be read from a bookshelf.


What is Plastic Spiral Binding?  

 This is a similar style to spiral wire that uses plastic binding elements.  Like
spiral wire, plastic spiral-bound books also step up when opened.  One
advantage to plastic wire binding; the plastic elements resist crushing, making
it suitable for high-abuse applications


Chris Eckhart

Eckhart & Company