The Gane Advantage

5-yard minimums

One overlooked advantage of dealing with a distributor like
Gane Brothers & Lane versus a mill is flexibility. Often, a mill is tied to
large minimum orders and extended lead times. Over the years our customers have
told us often their orders arrive from Gane soon after they have placed them.
Of course, with any stocking product, there may be an occasion where we have
been hit with large orders that wipe out inventory, but our goal is to have
product in stock, and ready to ship to you, our valued customers. Most orders
can go out the same or next day.

We also have 7 stocking locations in the U.S. to have your
items close at hand, and to reduce your freight costs.  We also tailor our product offerings at the
individual warehouses by customer need. Now that’s flexibility!!!

And though we’d all love to have those large, game changing
jobs, we also know that small orders are just as important to the bottom line.
That’s why Gane has remained committed to low minimum orders. Customers can still
order as little as 5 yards of roll goods.

To find a list of our stocking warehouses, click on “About
us” and then “site locations”. There you will find the complete addresses of
our seven convenient warehouses.

Finally, for many years Gane has been known in the industry
as a “one stop shop” company. Since we carry over 2,000 different items,
customers have been known to order nearly every component to complete a project
from Gane. From board to adhesive to covers to foil, Gane has it all. Please
take a few moments to view our website to see everything we have to offer.