Gane Coverboard™... Smoother Finish Means Less Warping

Gane Coverboard™ smooth finish means less warping

When compared to other warp resistant board, our Coverboard™
water absorption rate is consistent versus a wide variation found in other
products.  This means less tendency for
uneven moisture levels induced into the board. 
It also means that less adhesive
can be applied.  Approximately  30- 50% less adhesive!

Applying less adhesive has several benefits.  Since many adhesives are water based, less
moisture is added to one side of the board, reducing the potential for warping
Adhesive set-up time is faster, so machine speeds can be increased.  And using less adhesive saves money.

Smooth and stable to start,
and applying less adhesive during your processes provides you with less warping
potential for your packaging or publishing project.

Click HERE to see some examples.