Trouble sticking film laminates

53-S adhesive, hard to stick material,
It’s nice to hear good stories involving our customers and products we provide to them. Lucas Bindery in Baltimore, Maryland had a customer who was having trouble gluing the turned edge of a film laminate to the liner. It just wouldn’t stick. 
They called our veteran analyst, Joe Lauricella who recommended our 53-S Casing-in paste. Designed for casing-in applications, 53-S is a liquid cold glue that works well with hard-to-stick materials like Pyroxylin, Urethane top coats, vinyl to porous surfaces,  and back-coated Pajco.  53-S is perfect for any size bindery, large or small, as it can be applied by brush or machine.
Because of this success, Lucas Bindery has used it for many other projects in a wide variety of tough to glue applications.