Warp-Resistant Gane Coverboard

Gane Coverboard Graphic Board

Everyone is concerned about board warping.  No one wants to see their finished product
bowed due to issues with warped board.  Using
the right board under the right conditions has a huge effect on your finished

Gane Coverboard Graphic Board is one of the most warp-resistant board products available.  It
is also lightweight, meaning more yield per ton and consequently less
cost.  And our Coverboard has a
consistently smooth finish, which not only improves aesthetics with thin or
laminated cover material but has better adhesive absorption than other board products.

If you haven't done so yet, try Gane Coverboard Graphic
Board.  The most warp resistant,
lightweight, consistent board recommended by Kolbus, Hörauf, Emmeci, Müller Martini,  Garrido, and GMC.