Why Should You Read Books

"There's no friend more loyal than a book" said Ernest Hemingway. And indeed! How true is that! Books can be man's best friends. The advantages of reading books are innumerable. They feed the hungry mind with thoughts that are wise and guide the mind towards positive thinking. 

Books increase knowledge:
This can be the most important thing that books provide- knowledge. Everything that you read gets stored in your brain in some or the other way. Many times your unconscious mind is filled up with things that you have read. Books enlighten you with so many facts and figures that you wouldn't know. You can easily have great knowledge about a place that you haven't ever visited, know what happened in World War I or know how a person struggled his way to success!

Vocabulary Prowess:
You read a particular word that you don't know and then are curious to know its meaning. So you look up the thesaurus and voila! You have added a new word to your vocabulary! So many words, so many phrases exist that you wouldn't otherwise know. But books give them all to you. Reading compels us to look at words, analyze them and involuntarily use them. Better spellings, better use of words, are come out of reading habits. 

Personality Development:
With more knowledge and better vocabulary, reading books infuses a great deal of confidence in a person. Because books are highly informative, they tend to have an extremely positive effect on a person's psyche. They help to look forward to life in a very optimistic and constructive fashion thus making the reader confident to face situations of all types. They improve a person's way of thinking. Reading books results in better analytical thinking.

Improved focus:
Books help you to concentrate effectively. 
One tends to have a better memory when they start reading. They tend to remember details and help to have an enhanced focus on minute facets. While reading a book, the person gets caught into the situations in the book and the rest of the world is just left behind no matter how short the time period is. The reader is immersed in the story and when the book gets interesting, the focus is completely on the book. This helps the person to develop a better focus in other important situations and while doing important tasks. 
Bored of watching TV or surfing the net? Books can be a perfect entertainment for you! They can make you smile, laugh, happy and even amused! Many books are so well described that the reader himself starts imagining the entire scenario and the characters, the setting and how the mood of the story is. They also help in stress reduction.
Books are definitely beneficial in many ways and these are some of them. Hope this can make you want to pick up a book and start reading at once!