Hemp Board from Gane Brothers and Lane for packaging and publishing

The perfect product for anyone involved in the
rapidly expanding cannabis, CBD, and CBD Beauty Products packaging mar...

Bibliotheca Wittockiana, bookbinding, ganebrothers

Since 1846 our core business has been bookbinding. So, while
visiting Brussels, Belgium recently we took the opportunity to check out Bibliotheca
Wittockiana, the only museum in the world devoted principally to the art of
fine bookbinding.  It contained a
collection of decorative bookbinding spanning five centuries.  Bibliotheca Wittockiana also host...

Gane Board Products

Gane Brothers & Lane stocks many different types of board products.  We offer a complete line from chipboard to Graphic Board. From Natural to Solid Black.  Click HERE to learn more about our board products.

Order Sample Card

Ordering a sample card of one of our products can be easily accomplished from our website.  HERE is how to do that.

Gane Coverboard™ smooth finish means less warping

When compared to other warp resistant board, our Coverboard™
water absorption rate is consistent versus a wide variation found in other
products.  This means less tendency for
uneven moisture levels induced into the board. 
It also means that less adhesive
can be applied.  Approximately  30- 50% less adhesive!


Gane Coverboard Graphic Board

Everyone is concerned about board warping.  No one wants to see their finished product
bowed due to issues with warped board.  Using
the right board under the right conditions has a huge effect on your finished

Gane Coverboard Graphic Board is one of the most warp-resistant board products available.  It
is also lightwei...

Gane Brothers & Lane, grain direction

When paper or board is manufactured, the fibers from the
pulp line up in the direction that the machine travels. This is called grain
direction or machine direction.

Usually a sheet is designated “grain long” or “grain short”.  Frequently the second dimension will tell you
the grain direction, i.e. 8 x 10 would have the grain directio...

Yes Paste, Gane Brothers & Lane

Spent some time in Chicago over the holiday, and it was nice
to see some of our products “in action.” 
Stopped in Macy’s and had lunch in The Walnut Room.  Our menu was made using Pellaq® by
Skivertex®.  As we strolled farther down
State Street, we stopped in one of our customers, Dick Blick.  There we saw our product Yes Paste! on the
shelves.  G...

trucks, driver shortage

Many analysts are predicting shipping increases anywhere from 7% to 11% this year.  So, what are the main issues that are causing the increase in freight charges?

Driver Shortage - Many drivers are approaching retirement age and will...

53-S adhesive, hard to stick material,
It’s nice to hear good stories involving our customers and products we provide to them. Lucas Bindery in Baltimore, Maryland had a customer who was having trouble gluing the turned edge of a film laminate to the liner. It just wouldn’t stick. 
They called our veteran analyst, Joe Lauricella who recommended our 53-S Casing-in paste. Des...