Adhesives & Book Binding Glue
Gane Brothers & Lane provides a wide variety of adhesives suitable for use with luxury packaging material, bookbinding material, or wherever your imagination takes you. Whether its Protein Adhesive, Dextrin-Based, Resin-Based, or Hot-Melt adhesives we have the products to stick your items together.
Red and Gold Headband
Gane's Book Headbands are the perfect finishing touch for case bound books. This decorative piece between the book block and the case is available in a wide variety of color combinations and styles. Our medium finish Book Headbands can be applied by machine or hand.
Bookbinding Material & Luxury Packaging Material
You need a functional and attractive finish when choosing your Luxury Packaging Material for box cover material and spirits packaging material. And when you are looking for a distinctive bookbinding material, Gane Brothers & Lane offers an extensive array of cover material choices in countless embossing patterns and finishes.
Cloth, paper, coated paper, coagulated urethane, genuine leather and leather look-alike materials are all available at Gane.
Bookbinding Supplies
A variety of reinforcing materials are used to bind a book. Suitable for case and book block, these Bookbinding Supplies are available in paper, cloth, or synthetic material, and give your product additional internal strength.
Cover Board & Book Board
Packaging and book manufacturing demand a stable base to be covered. Our board for bookbinding and Packaging Board offer a wide choice of board products in a variety of thickness'. From low to high density, plain to decorative, flexible to rigid, you will find it at Gane in our Book Board and Cover Board.
Endsheets are needed to hold the book block to the cover. Made with 80# endleaf paper and reinforcing fabric, our endsheets offer exceptional strength for repeated openings and closings of the book. Endsheets are available in a variety of styles to match your binding method.
Gane offers a variety of products to help protect you against bacteria and viruses. Check out our items from antimicrobial finish material to A-PET material for face masks and protective barriers.
Miscellaneous Supplies
You can locate stitching wire, fastening devices, and those hard-to-find bookbinding supplies you need in your shop or workplace at Gane Brothers & Lane. Check out our Miscellaneous page for these assorted necessities.