53-S Casing-in Paste

January 14, 2021 -- Gane Brothers & Lane was acquired by LBS, www.lbsbind.com, 800.247.5353. #53S is a liquid cold glue that works well with hard-to-stick materials. Designed for casing-in applications. It will adhere to most coated materials, pyroxylin, vinyl to porous surfaces and back-coated Pajco. #53S is perfect for any size bindery, large or small, as it can be applied with a brush or by machine.
  • Liquid, contains vinyl acetate.

  • Put up:
    - Gallon - 4 per carton
    - 5-Gallon pail

  • Weight:
    - Gallon - 10 pounds per gallon
    - 5-Gallon pail - 42.4 pounds each

  • Usage:
    - Can be applied by brush or machine
    - Cold adhesive - Use at room temperature

  • Extremely strong and durable adhesive

  • Can be extremely moisture-resistant

  • Adhere and bond well to a wide variety of substrates

  • Very stable in wide range of temperatures and humidity

  • Eco-friendly

  • Manufactured in USA