Foam Board

January 14, 2021 -- Gane Brothers & Lane was acquired by LBS,, 800.247.5323. Foam board is perfect for applications where a padded cover is desired, including board for bookbinding, albums, diaries, hardcover books, looseleaf products, and rigid box. An optional paper liner is available for ease of manufacturing on automated feeding equipment. Some other terms for this product include: Lined Foam Board, Unlined Foam Board, Padded Board, and Foam Padded Board.
  • Medium finish

  • Standard size: 30" x 40"

  • Thickness..090 with 1/8" foam and liner

  • Put up: 190 sheets per skid

  • Other sizes and board/foam thickness' are available. Contact us for more information.

  • .090 chip board base for durability

  • With liner for automatic board feeder manufacturing

  • Made from recycled paper and cardboard

  • Usually Not Decorated