Gummed Holland

Gummed Holland is a starch-filled and colored cloth with a coating of remoistening adhesive on the back side. This Bookbinding Supply item is used for covering the binding edge. Typical uses include check pads, writing tablets, etc. This application is usually referred to as "stripping" in the industry. Gummed Cambric is a closely woven, finished cloth supplied with a remoistening adhesive. Typically used to reinforce or affix endsheets to the first and last signature on an edition bound book.
  • Cloth reinforcing bookbinding supply item

  • Standard width

    • .75", 1", 1.5", 2", 3" and 3.5"

  • Put up: 200 yard rolls

  • Colors

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Tan
    • Brown
  • Remoistenable adhesive - water activated

  • Durable cloth reinforcement

  • Foil Stamping
  • Silk Screen Printing