High Density Binder's Board

High Density Binders Board, is made from 100 percent recycled fiber and produced to full thickness in one operation. This board for bookbinding is the gold standard for spec binders board. It meets industry specifications for binders board and its single ply, wet lap construction offers excellent resistance to moisture and warping. Compared to most laminated grades, it provides greater warp resistance and superior dimensional stability performance. Also known as Binders Board, book board, Book Cover Board, Bookbinder's Board, Bookbinding Board, Bookbinding Cover Board, Cylinder Board, High Density Binders Board, Wet Lap Binder's Board, Spec Board, El-Hi Board, Davey Binder's Board, Red Label Board, and Cover Board.
  • Binders Board has exceptional lay flat

  • Thickness - .070", .080", .098", and .120"

  • Standard sheet size: 30" x 41"

  • Put up:
    - .070 - 2.5 pounds per sheet; 570 sheets per pallet
    - .080 - 3.35 pounds per sheet; 500 sheets per pallet
    - .098 - 3.65 pounds per sheet; 500 sheets per pallet
    - .120 - 4.5 pounds per sheet; 400 sheets per pallet

  • Other thickness' and sheet sizes available

  • Custom cut-to-size pieces are also available

  • Heavy weight

  • This board for bookbinding has exceptional lay flat properties

  • Meets NASTA and LBI specifications

  • Davey Board board for bookbinding is a high density rigid product

  • Made from recycled paper

  • Compostable and recyclable

  • Foil Stamping
  • Screen Printing