HM-61 Perfect Binding Hot Melt Adhesive

HM-61 is a white Perfect Binding hot melt adhesive that performs exceptionally well with hard to stick papers. HM-61 Perfect Binding Adhesive is specially formulated for slower, multi clamp perfect binding machines (i.e. Sulby, Mueller Martini, Baby Pony and Pony). HM-61 Perfect Binding Hot Melt Adhesive has an open time of 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Operating temperature - 350° F

  • Form: chips

  • Put up: 50 pound cartons and 150 pound drums

  • Weight: 50 pounds per carton
    150 pounds per drum

  • Usage:
    - Machine apply
    - Multiple clamp perfect binding

  • White Color

  • Use with coated test stock

  • Use with hard-to-stick cover stock

  • Flexible

  • Slow Set

  • Good Pot Life

  • Neutral pH

  • No VOC's

  • No Acid

  • 100% Solids