Silicone Spray - Gane's

Gane's Silicone Spray is a combination adhesive repellant and lubricant. Use silicone spray wherever you don't want glue to adhere, or you want to reduce drag or friction. Silicone spray stops sticking, stays on the job and speeds operation in every department. Silicon Spray is a very effective product. Only a thin coat is required, and one application lasts many times longer than the best organic release agent. It even comes in convenient spray cans for ease of use.
  • Liquid release agent

  • Put up:
    - 11 ounce spray can; 12 cans per carton

  • Weight:
    - 11 ounce spray can - 1 pound per can

  • Usage:
    - Apply thin coats
    - Apply spray with aerosol can

  • Shields against glue build up

  • Long lasting lubricant