Who We Are

January 14, 2021 -- Gane Brothers & Lane was acquired by LBS, www.lbsbind.com, 800.247.5323.

Gane Brothers & Lane has been supplying bookbinding material and luxury packaging material, as well as lining material and bookbinding supplies to industry since 1846 when Henry A. Gane, a Boston Bookbinder, laid aside the tools of his trade and devoted full time to purchasing supplies and materials, selling them to his fellow craftsmen.

Originally, Gane supplied leather, cloth, and supplies to the bookbinding industry, but later expanded to other markets whose products could be manufactured using similar materials. Partnering with major cover material, board, adhesive, and component manufacturers has allowed Gane to offer the latest choices available in bookbinding material, luxury packaging material and bookbinding supplies.

Today, Gane supplies over 2,000 products including cover materials, board, adhesives and much more to an ever expanding list of industries including:

  • Decorative Packaging
  • Bookbinding
  • Looseleaf
  • Printing
  • Point of purchase
  • Corporate and Event Decorating

Gane offers an extensive inventory with minimums on most items as low as 5 yards, competitive prices on all quantities from prototype to product roll out, the latest trends in materials, and the knowhow to match the right products with the right manufacturing techniques and product demands.

To view a history of Gane Brothers & Lane from 1846 to present, click HERE.